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Saturday, January 28th – 10:00 am

TMSK dojo – 1894 Ambrosi Rd, Kelowna

Interested in having some great cardio fun?  TMSK is again hosting its long awaited Sensei Ball tournament on the last Saturday of this month – January 28, 2012.  We are looking for 5 teams (5 players minimum with at least one female member).  Anyone 13 or older that’s big enough to play with the adults can join – friends, family members, etc.

There is no cost to this event.  Please bring your own refreshments and snacks to keep you going through the day.  The tournament should be no longer than 3 hours at the most.

Players will have to form their own team.  For those who do not have a team or cannot make a full team we will try and put a team together for you with those who are registered to play.  Try your best to form your own team with family and friends.  Register right away to guarantee your spot.

Rules are very simple and stated below.  They will be reviewed/explained at the beginning of the tournament.

Register by sending an e-mail to me at or drop a note off at the office with the following info:

–         Name, gender, team name & names of team members



Sensei Ball Rules


Players – 4 on each side including the goalie.  One or more spares permitted.

Scoring can only be done by using hand techniques.  If a shot is deflected in it is valid.  Kicking the ball into the net is not.  To score the ball must be at least half-way pass the back side of the goal line.  Scoring is still permitted if the net has been moved out of place.

Penalty shot – if the goal is moved out of its place to prevent a scoring opportunity.

To win – team must reach 21 points first

Offside occurs when a team taking out the ball after a point has been scored has member(s) not fully back on their own side of the court.  Offside also occurs when the team passing out the ball is not fully in control of the ball on the first pass prior to any of members crossing the center line.

Contact is generally not allowed for safety reasons e.g. pushing, shoving, holding, and grabbing.  Slapping the ball away from opponent’s hand is okay.

Kicking the ball is permitted unless there are hands around i.e. other players are reaching for the ball.


Spectators please do not interfere with the game.

We encourage fair play and courtesy during the tournament so that all players have a fun experience.


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