I have been studying karate with Sensei Mah for eight years. Choosing to do so has been one of my better choices for many reasons.

First of all, Sensei Mah is a highly skilled practitioner, dare I say one of the most advanced that may be found anywhere. His understanding of karate, and martial arts in general, is exceptional. He is also an experienced instructor, having taught karate for 37 years.

As a physical health benefit, karate is fantastic. It helps develop balance, strength, and cardio vascular health. It really is a great workout.

As a mental exercise it is extremely valuable. In my experience as a long time music instructor, memorization as a skill is lacking amongst people in general, both old and young. The study of karate requires the development of memorization skills for learning terminology, sequences and many other things. Past memorization, karate also promotes creative and abstract thinking, particularly as one advance to higher levels, eventually resulting in individual expression of the art. And due to the potentially dangerous environment the study of a martial art can provide, one is required to be mentally present at all times, and so can help develop focus, and mindfulness.

Respect plays a very important role in the dojo: respect for oneself, to allow you to go through the learning process, and respect for others, to be concerned for their safety during the course of training. Studying karate has given me a new appreciation for life in general.

Beyond the physical, mental, and if you will, spiritual benefits of studying a martial art, I would highly recommend training with Sensei Mah. Tom has created caring and respectful environment to learn in. Some of my best friends are people who I train with, people who are interested in helping others learn, and who strive to be the best they can be. The quality of people, including Sensei, that I train with, is in my opinion, very high calibre.

If you are considering studying a martial art, I would urge you to come and meet Tom, and try a few classes. I am confident that you will feel welcome, and may very well find a martial arts home for yourself and your family. It has been a fantastic experience for me.

— Kerry Rottacker

The study of karate over the past 10 years has provided me with unparalleled benefits. Karate is not simply a study of combat, but a method in which to improve one’s physical and mental wellbeing with a result of self defense capabilities.

Over the years I have detected an increase in physical strength and agility through karate as a result of regular training and the studying of how to move the body in an efficient and effective manner. With regular training and practice come inevitable gains in the skills of the body, such as coordination, strength and balance. These benefits have been invaluable in my development as a person growing up. The gift of confidence and the knowledge of how the body moves best allows for this.

Karate has also taught me many substantial life concepts, such as commitment, perseverance, and goal-setting. The progression of levels in martial arts is a crucial achievement-based method which allows for the motivational development of these skills as you get older and learn of their importance through experiencing the benefits first-hand. Your motivation also increases as you notice the advancement of tangible skills through developmental sparring and kata. This spurs on the desire to learn and develop new skills, and karate becomes a forever progressing goal and cornerstone in your life.

— Noah Marini

"My son has been taking Karate with Tom Mah since he was in Kindergarten and is now in his 10th year. In that time my son has gained confidence, strength, respect and patience. He always looks forward to his Karate lessons and takes pride in mastering his katas. Tom Mah is an excellent Sensei. He is a great mentor and teacher. I would highly recommend the Tom Mah School of Karate."

–Elinor Sobon

"My view of karate was first developed some 43 years ago, when the TV series Kung Fu came out. It was very entertaining and appeared to be magic that was only created in the movies. I never really thought seriously about it until recently, when a need arose to try and get into shape for skiing with my grandchildren and karate appeared as a good regular exercise.. At 72 I signed up at Tom Mah School of Karate. I quickly found a very satisfying and interesting new life style.. In a very short 6 months I not only, got my muscles toned up, found muscles that I never knew I had and was granted 5th kyu Yellow belt.
I find I am learning discipline, confidence, co-ordination, balance and flexibility and have gained a new family.
My health has improved, alertness has increased and I’m learning something new every day…
…Arigato Gozai Mashita Sensei and Sempai"

Fred Wille 75 year old Student

"As a couple in our fifties we were looking for a new opportunity to challenge ourselves physically and mentally. The emphasis on core strength and flexibility coupled with the resulting confidence of learning karate has been a perfect fit. The Tom Mah School of Karate has provided a perfect environment of challenge and respect, allowing us to progress individually and as a couple. We are huge fans of TMSK."
–Tim and Arlene Schroeder

"When I turned 68 in 2015 I retired. By July I could barely lift my arms over my head, no longer could I pull my 50lb bows, could not sleep on either side because of sever pain. Popping pain killers was bothering my stomach. I went to see the doctor who sent me for X-rays. Behold, starting arthritis in both shoulders. Asked the doctor what can he do? Nothing! What can I do? Stay active and excersise. Tossed the idea of going to the gym. My archery buddy suggested karate. I thought he was crazy suggesting that l start that at my age. Finally persuaded, I asked the instructor if I could sit through a session. After the class, we had a discussion about my limited ability. All he asked me was to do the best I could within my physical ability. I started. During Sensei ball games I could only throw underhanded. In less then a two months, no more pain killers. Within four months I was pulling my 50lb bows, throwing ball overhand (not as accurately as others) but darn good for me, punching, kicking and having a great time. In two years I have graduated from starting white belt to yellow belt and just got my orange belt. I haven't felt this good in at least five years. Stronger, more limber, more confident and the best thing is that I am learning something new. Karate being self defence doesn't hurt either.."

–Alex Kubrak