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  • TMSK Cup Invitational May 2007
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Summer Camp 2009 had close to 70 participants. The camp guest instructors were Nishida Sensei (Kenei Mabuni Sensei\'s closest student), 8th dan, and Koyanage Sensei, also 8th dan. The camp focused on developing the sanchin dachi and shime. Camp content included basic katas Sanchin, Tensho, Shinsei 1 & 2, Hiji Ate Goho, Heian 1-5 and some bunkais. 4 members from TMSK were tested at the camp. Promotions were as follows: Sempai Peter Plimmer - Sandan; Sempais Gary Crawford & Tina Schade - Yondan; Sensei Tom Mah - Ryokudan. Saturday night a BBQ was held at Todd Connor\'s home providing opportunities to catch up with some old training mates. Next year\'s summer camp will be held in Alberta. More good training to come, for sure. Those who missed out on this year start making plans to attend the 2010 event. You won\'t regret it.

TMSK Cup Invitational May 2007

Another successful and fun tournament was had by all this year. The tournament was a little smaller but again many of the southern interior dojos participated in this competition. One of the main highlight of the event was the competition between the Rodney Hobson Karate Academy team and the TMSK team fighting for the Cup. The RHKA team came out the winner this year. Fantastic!! RHKA beat out TMSK in both the kata and the kumite competitions. Other highlights included Sensei Mike Scales doing a Heian Kata bunkai and Sensei Tom Mah doing the bo kata Tokumine No Kun. A big thanks go out to all the volunteers (TMSK members and their relatives) and the zone 2 officials as well as Sensei Robert Lee and Sensei Mike Scales who came all the way up from the lower mainland to help out and made the tournament as successful and fun as it was. You are all appreciated very much. A big thanks also go out to the several sponsors and parents who contributed goods and baking to our event: Tree brewing, Bonnie Epp, Deanna Carlsson, to name a few.