Why Karate?

Why Train in Karate?

Karate training is one of the most well-rounded and beneficial exercise systems in the world, and an excellent cardio workout that relieves stress. Because it involves the use of hundreds of techniques, it offers a complete workout that uses the whole body, increasing its ability to move with speed and power as well as improving one’s posture and balance, strengthening muscles, improving coordination and flexibility, sharpening the reflexes, and building stamina. It gives one the tools and techniques to become an effective combatant in a self-defense situation, and stimulates and excites the mind.

Our Philosophy

Once you become a member of this school you are expected to show a sincere commitment to the study of karate. You must demonstrate a genuine desire to learn and absorb the knowledge and information that is presented to you. You must also learn to accept your responsibilities as a member of this school to uphold the standards in technique and in character. In particular developing humility and good manners.

The study of karate requires an enormous amount of your time. It is a way of life that requires perseverance and commitment. It is also a discipline, in this school, that encourages proper human relationships and challenges the individual to search for the truth. From time to time, you will find the training demanding some sacrifices on other areas of your life. This does not mean that karate should be your first in priority. Karate should never come before God, neither should it come before your family nor education. But it does mean determination from you and every effort to make available to yourself all the opportunities to promote your understanding of karate and your growth as an individual.

You must study diligently and study with humility. To master the techniques you must practice endlessly and with greater endeavor. The road to perfection is long and tedious. There is no other means but patience and super-human effort. Do not be overcome by discouragement as this only defeats the mind. Understand the course of your training will be charted by many ups and downs, and it will be a continuous challenge throughout your life as long as you continue to train. It will test your mental fortitude and it will stretch and mold the fabric of your whole character. The knowledge is limitless and perfection is a life-long pursuit. I hope you will take on this challenge seriously and honestly. Develop your body, your mind, and most important of all seek the true spiritual development that will set you free.